Troop History


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 Boy Scouts was started in England in 1908. It was brought to the United States of America in February 1910 and quickly spread across the U.S. Troop 5 was started in September 1910, sponsored by "A Group of Concerned Citizens" in the Denver University / University Park Area. Its first Scoutmaster was an Englishman, Mr. Henry Hukins. Some of the Troop’s earliest activities included pulling a fire cart up and down East Warren Avenue, spraying water at Observatory Park in the winter to form an ice rink and going camping at Diamond Joe Lake, now known as Wellshire Lake at Colorado Boulevard and Hampden Avenue. Since 1950 the Troop has been sponsored by University Park United Methodist Church and meets in the West Fellowship Hall every Tuesday evening at 7 p.m. Scott Dory served as the Scoutmaster of Troop 5 from 2006 to 2013. He came back in 2017 and has been Scoutmaster since. The youth leaders are elected by the Scouts in the Troop. Fisher Pruitt, Life Scout, is presently serving in the position of Senior Patrol Leader. This year, 2020, the Troop will celebrate its 110th anniversary. Troop 5 is one of the very few Troops in the nation that has been in continuous operation since 1910! The Troop proudly calls itself “THE OLDEST TROOP WEST OF THE MISSISSIPPI RIVER." Presently, with fifteen Scouts ranging in age from eleven to seventeen, the troop is enjoying a full range of Scouting activities. Troop 5 continues to instill Character, Citizenship and Fitness ideals in its members; "Be Prepared" continues to be its motto and "On My Honor. . ." continues to begin its pledge. Troop 5 is proud to be associated with, and sponsored by, the University Park United Methodist Church and looks forward to many more years of serving youth and the church.

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Paul C. Spiess was a member of Troop 5 from 1923 to 1927. Click here to read a letter he sent to the troop in 1985.

Troop 5 was chartered by the Boy Scouts of America in September 1910, and has been serving boys in the Denver area for nearly 100 years.