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File Description
BSA Colorado Medical Form Addendum template PDF icon 2016 BSA Colorado Medical Form Addendum template.pdf 2016 BSA Medical Forms Addendum template for Troop 5 Scouts camping in Colorado and is a Adobe pdf that can be filled out.
BSA Medical Forms ABC template for Troop 5 PDF icon 2016 BSA Medical Forms ABC template.pdf 2016 BSA Medical Forms ABC template for Troop 5 is an Adobe pdf that can be populated with information and already has basic information including the Council and District names.
Chuck Box Inventory File Troop 5 Chuck Box Inventory List.docx
Chuck Box Shopping List File Chuck Box Shopping List.docx
Special Dietary Request Form PDF icon 2016 Special Dietary Request Form.pdf This is the standard form to request dietary modifications intended to address medical and religious needs.
Summer Camp Checklist File Troop 5 Summer Camp Checklist.docx, PDF icon Troop 5 Summer Camp Checklist.pdf This is the list for Peaceful Valley Scout Ranch, where we go most summers. For other locations, we will need to add or remove items based on different conditions.
Troop 5 Meeting Plan Template Microsoft Office document icon Troop 5 Meeting Plan Template.doc This is a Word document intended to guide a Scout Leader in designing a Troop meeting. It helps a Scout and the Leadership identify needed skills and focus on developing them.
Troop 5 Permission Slip Microsoft Office document icon 2016 Troop 5 Event Participation Permission Slip.doc This permission slip is necessary at all events even if the guardian or parent is intending to attend. If anything happens to separate the Scout from his guardian, this permission slip allows adult Leaders to assist the Scout.
Troop Activity Permission Slip Microsoft Office document icon T5 Permission Slip.doc Blank Activity Permission Slip for the troop. If you want to keep a copy yourself, with the relevant information included, and update for each event, please do.
Troop Quarterly Plan Outline Office spreadsheet icon Troop Meeting Quarter Outline.xls This Excel spreadsheet has places for Troop Leadership names and identifiers and cover a 13-week arc of planning. This is to help Troop Leaders identify the overall goal and to help them identify and plan for the individual meetings including the preparatory work, calls, and set-up needed. In this way individual tasks impacting the quarter's plan can be delegated throughout the Patrol leading the individual Troop Meeting.