About Us

About Us


The Sponsor, and Chartered Organization of Troop 5 is the University Park United Methodist Church, which has sponsored the Troop since 1950. Troop 5 was chartered by the Boy Scouts of America in September 1910 and was originally sponsored by "A Group of Citizens." Early Troop 5 was very closely associated with Denver University and many of the original "Group of Citizens" were professors and staff members of D.U. whose sons were the original scouts in the troop. Troop 5 was closely associated with Denver University throughout many of its 100+ years of continuous service and today continues to use the D.U. colors (crimson and gold) and the D.U. logo (covered wagon) and name ("Pioneers") on its neckerchief, stationery and banners. University Park United Methodist Church is located directly across the street from the troop's original meeting site, Old Main on the Denver University campus. The Troop is self-supporting and self-governed.

Troop Meetings are held every week in the West Fellowship Hall of University Park United Methodist Church, on Tuesday nights from 7:00 to 8:30 PM (view map).

What Troop 5 Is About

Our Mission Statement


Troop 5 seeks to create an experience that will enable the Scout to make ethical choices over their lifetime through instilling the values of Scout Law & Oath while experiencing adventure and having fun.

Additionally, we focus on Citizenship, Service and Leadership. Troop 5 defines these three areas as:

  • Citizenship: Working Beyond our Self Interest for Better of Whole World, Nation, Community & Family
  • Service: Folded into Daily Living so that Life is More Meaningful (Active Choice)
  • Leadership: The ability to enlist enthusiastic participation of a group toward a goal. 

Leadership attributes are:

  • Leading by Example (Attitude & Action)
  • Respect & Gratitude
  • Good Follower
  • Initiative
  • Competence
  • Takes Risk
  • Persuasiveness
  • Promotes Value of the Goal
  • Confident
  • Accepts Responsibility (Good & Bad)

Weekly Meeting Format

  • Outdoor Activities is our focus
  • We key these meetings to 10 ¼ to 14 yr old for developing outdoor skills
  • Scout Advancement is emphasized
  • The activities are designed to develop confidence
  • All monthly meetings are planned by the Green Bar
  • A venture track is included for each month
  • Monthly meetings are Fun & Exciting
  • Service is emphasized


Troop 5 has high aspirations for its Scouts and Scout leaders our minimum expectations are:

  • Attendance Requirements for Boy Scouts
    • Consistent attendance at meetings
    • Attend in Uniform
  • Attendance Requirements Adults
    • For adults with a designated or assigned job- attend and do your job
    • For adults without a job you are requested to refrain from interfering with activities
  • All Troop 5 members pay dues & fees on time
  • All Boys Help with Fundraising
  • To Have a Well-funded Troop Through Fundraising Activities
  • Troop Will Support Every Boy Toward Full Participation
  • All members participate with the Scouting Spirit
  • Every Boy Supports the Troop
  • Troop 5 is a Safe Place to Be
  • Every Leadership Position will be held by a Boy Scout
  • Every Boy Leader will have an adult advisor who is not his parent
  • (Size) 4 Patrols of 7 to 8 Boys Plus as Many Ventures As We Can

Troop Income

  • The major source of income for Troop 5 is the annual fall fund-raising activity of selling Boy Scout Popcorn. All scouts and parents are encouraged to sell as much popcorn as possible. In addition to prizes offered by Trails End, the Troop Committee sometimes awards prizes (usually money to be used for Scout equipment or Scout activities) to the top boy salesman. Other fund-raisers such as the BSA Camp Card (formerly known as Scout Show Card) sales in the spring and other fundraisers are held on an as needed basis.
  • Troop dues are $40 annually, paid in January. Scouts who join the troop later in the year pay on a pro rata basis of $3.35 per month until the following January. The Registration fee for adults is $25.00

Troop Expenses

  • Troop charter, liability insurance, accident insurance for scouts while participating in scout activities, and Boys' Life magazine.
  • Campout food.
  • Awards -- rank advancement, merit badges, neckerchiefs, patches, adult recognition. Eagle Scout award kits, etc.
  • Equipment purchase and repair.
  • Special activities.
  • Scholarship assistance to Junior Leadership training.
  • Promotion and newsletter printing & postage.

Family Expenses

  • Registration fee for boy(s) is $40 and adult(s) $25
  • Dues (Included above)
  • Uniform costs
  • Summer camp (some financial aid available)
  • Personal equipment (See basic equipment lists available on the Links page)