Income and Expenses


Troop Income

  • The major source of income for Troop 5 is the annual Colfax Marathon. We volunteer for the marathon by either being course marshals or water station volunteers. Other fund-raisers that we do such as the BSA Camp Card (formerly known as Scout Show Card) sales in the spring and other fundraisers are held on an as needed basis.
  • Troop dues are another source of income. Dues are paid annually by each scout and involved adult.

Troop Expenses

  • Troop charter
  • Insurance
  • Awards -- rank advancement, merit badges, neckerchiefs, patches, adult recognition. Eagle Scout award kits, etc.
  • Equipment purchase and repair.



     Official registration is done with the registration forms found on the Forms page. Please complete the form and return it as soon as possible. A quick response will guarantee that your Scout Membership is official and that the Scout is registered as a Troop member. It is necessary to be registered before you attend any scouting activities.



     All members are required to pay yearly dues and to participate in fundraising throughout the year. The 2020 registration fees (January to December) are:

$70 for Scout plus an optional $12 for the Boys Life Magazine

$45 for Committee Member

** Additional fees will be collected per activity when the Scout participates

** Prorated fees will be collected if joining later in the year


Other Costs


Initial Uniform costs - Tan shirt, Green Sholder Loopies, green belt, initial patches.

Summer camp - if the troop raises enough money it will be paid for.

Camp Food and Site Reservations - The total cost for the campout will be divided up based on how many scouts are going.

Activities - Outings like rock climbing or bowling have fees that are collected by the business. Charges will vary.

Personal equipment (See basic equipment lists available on the Forms page)