New Site is Live

I want to welcome everyone to the new site for Troop 5, in Denver, Colorado! I'm very excited to have this tool up and running, and extremely proud of one of our Eagle Scouts, Erich Deutsch, for all his efforts on design and building to make it happen. His work on the site was folded in with his sports activities, Robotics competitions, and graduating from High School. I was able to coach him via email through the setup and the configurations, and the design is his. Great work, Erich!

Our troop is growing and evolving with technology, and this new site is a big part of that. For some time now, we have had a Twitter (@troop5denver) and a Facebook page, but these have been less than fully utilized, and so was our web page. I'm very happy to say that we're growing and improving, and creating new opportunities for our scouts to learn and participate in evolving technologies, while staying true to the aims of scouting.

Again, let me welcome one and all to the next evolution of the Troop 5 web site!