The New Site and New Challenges

First of all, it has to be said that the Eagle Scout who worked so hard on this site while completing his senior year of High School, and getting busy toward his new endeavors at Colorado School of Mines, was incredible. The design and structure of the site is nearly all his doing. I only assisted with coaching and the occasional bug-chasing, but the credit for this goes to Erich.
So, the site is ready to use, but for a few minor tweaks in the photo gallery. I hope you all get a huge benefit from this site, as it is here for you, the scouts and scouters of Troop 5. Be sure to check the calendar regularly for updates to events, and read the blogs to see what's happening with the troop. Perhaps if you're not yet involved with us, or are a scouter at another troop, you can get some ideas from what we're trying to do here. Keep checking for enhancements as we go.
The fact is that scouting is becoming more technological, and having a great troop site is more important than ever. As a part of the oldest troop west of the Mississippi River, we have so many pieces of great history in our storage areas, but with our eyes on the roots of scouting, we bravely endeavor to reach into the future. We strive to enrich our scouts with both a love of nature, and the know-how to manage a complex technological world. This is a real challenge with so many electronic devices in boys' lives, but we are up for it. Learning how to communicate with modern tools is so vital, but learning when to put down the tech and pick up a stick is as well.
It is my great privelege to volunteer where my time and energy can benefit so many youth, and to know that these boys will grow up to leaders in our community and in their own families. 
Yours In Scouting 
~ John