Cleaning House

A Scout is Clean.
Several of the committee members and scouts spent about three hours on Saturday taking "everything" out of one of our storage closets, sorting it out, and putting it back on the shelves. This was by no means a complete cleaning of the closet, but it gave us the chance to rid ourselves of a number of old items that no longer have a use, or are in to poor of shape to be useful any longer. It also gave us the chance to actually take inventory of our closet.
What we found was remarkable. First, we found the floor. That was awesome. Then we found so many pots, pans, Dutch Ovens, and utinsils that we surely have enough gear to roughly handle 30 boys right now, if we purchased nothing. We also found a number of items that we could not readily identify, which tells me that our troop committee, our boys, and our leaders have not taken it seriously enough to keep our closet clean. 
As leaders of our youth it is so important that we model the behaviors we wish them to display. We re-set our heading toward this goal this weekend, and pushed ourselves and our troop in the direction of this one importand piece of the Scout Law. A scout is Clean.
Scout On!
~ John